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Get to Know Giving Group

Giving Group Realty is a friendly, full-service real estate team dedicated to shining the light across Oregon and Washington. With over 3 decades of combined local expertise, you can be sure you’re going to receive the best real estate care while doing good in your community.


Working as a team allows us to offer a variety of personalities, from all walks of life, so we can come alongside anyone looking to buy or sell a home and truly engage in a meaningful way during the real estate transaction. Our goal is to not only help you write a chapter in your home story, but to help you grow and inspire change for good in your community.

Our Mission and Values

Giving Group Realty is committed to three things: Connecting Hearts, Inspiring Light, and Joyfully Giving. We donate from our commissions to charities chosen by our clients! By setting an intention of “Gaining by Giving” we can both honor those in need and provide an opportunity for our agents and clients to connect to our communities together in ways that we may not have been able to do alone! Our vision is to create such a local impact that the whole world can feel the light. Come join us!


We are charged to be good stewards of our blessings, and our agents felt the call on their hearts to do something that makes a difference and helps to heal the wounds of this world. We believe that by serving the causes that our clients care deeply about, we can help inspire some light and love in your home, our community, and maybe even the world!


We share our passion for making a real difference with our clients as they complete their real estate journey by donating a portion of our commission to great nonprofits, facilitating charitable real estate transactions, and inspiring others to use their time and resources for good! When not serving you, many of our agents volunteer at or serve on the boards for nonprofits across OR & WA!

"It was not enough to just make money and serve our clients. I felt a deep call on my heart to make an impact on my community, clients, agents, market center, and thus the world.  I believe one small gesture can make all the difference in someone’s life, and set in motion a ripple that goes beyond what I can even imagine! I believe that God created us to be beings of connection; to serve and to make Him known, and I believe that by doing my part to make His mission come to light that we can help the world become a better place. No matter what your beliefs are, we are excited to come alongside you and celebrate the good we can do for those around us.

Through creating an environment of hope, I am able to align myself and our agents in a mindset of growth and light, and focus on who we can serve on a daily basis. We do not just do “real estate deals”, we help families, people, and the humankind find a home. A place that helps you authentically connect with your community and heritage, and can fulfill the most basic need for safety and belonging. By allowing our clients to give back through our commission, we can help them connect to a larger network beyond themselves. It makes their home transaction extra meaningful, and allows their light shine on those in some kind of need. We believe that through sharing our mindset of abundance, all can all have more! We can support and love on our communities together! Our clients get to choose charities or causes that make their hearts sing, and His light shine. By setting an intention of "Gaining by Giving", we honor those in need and provide an opportunity for our agents and clients to connect to our communities together, in ways that we may not have been able to do alone. Our vision is to create such a local impact, that the whole world can feel the light."

-Tesha Perry, Team Leader