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Tesha explains it this way: “Charitable Real Estate is the solution for our nonprofits who are struggling more than ever before to get the funding they need to make the difference they set out to make. But it’s also a solution for property donors who could use significant tax benefits… even though 80% of donors donate for altruistic reasons and not finances.”

Giving Group Realty is passionate about supporting charities in our community, and has already donated over $95,000 to non-profits since August of 2019. Tesha, along with many Giving Group team members, also regularly donates her time volunteering, serving on boards for charities and nonprofit organizations, and workshops fundraising opportunities around the community.  This firsthand experience with all that goes into fundraising efforts solidified her interest in working with charitable real estate donors and the nonprofits they serve!


Having such an innovative method of receiving funds presents a wonderful and different approach to the nonprofit community's fundraising methods said Tesha: “Fundraisers take months of planning, a large workforce, and out-of-pocket expenses all with no guarantee that the event will be well attended, or even take place during these uncertain times. We are suggesting an approach that is a little bit different, and much more beneficial. We simply let those who love and support charitable giving know that now their favorite nonprofit can benefit from a Charitable Real Estate Donation, which provides an average of $550,000 from a one-time gift!”

“Charitable Real Estate (CRE) isn’t a new concept. It’s the unique, proactive strategy that I am implementing in my company that makes this process 100% RISK-FREE for the nonprofits and provides a major tax benefit for the property donor; It’s a true WIN-WIN-WIN all the way around!”


I am so honored to represent Oregon and Washington in the Charitable Real Estate Movement as a Charitable Real Estate Specialist. This designation means I am trained and ready to serve our community as not just a Real Estate Agent, but a REAL Agent of Change, by providing RISK-FREE solutions to all 501(c)3 nonprofits to ensure they get the funding they need.

If you would like to donate property from anywhere in the country to any 501(c)3, or you are the 501(c)3 that would like to receive the proceeds of these donations, contact Tesha!