Clark County Veterans Assistance Center: $1,392 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

On behalf of Jefferson and Kate's great clients Penny and Tony Fuller, we are donating $1,392 to the Clark County Veterans Assistance Center after the sale of their home!

Tony and Penny wanted to donate to this amazing cause to help veterans in our area who might be homeless, hungry, in need of shelter or job skill training, and to help better our community and make a difference in our world. Thank you Fullers for this great opportunity to share some light with the CCVAC!

About the Clark County Veterans Assistance Center.

"We provide financial aid through the Veteran’s Assistance Fund for eligible Veterans and through funds raised by the center for Veterans that fall outside of the Fund eligibility criteria. We assist with filing VA disabilities claims or accessing  VA benefits. We provide clothing, food, hygiene items, outdoor equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, flashlight, etc.) In addition, we provide assistance in locating employment, housing, medical and dental care, and more."

The mission of Clark County Veterans Assistance Center is to provide a welcoming and safe environment to assist Veterans and their families by helping them with negotiating the often confusing process of finding and obtaining benefits and other resources available. We greatly value the opportunity to bless this center!

To learn more about CCVAC and the great work they are doing in our community, please visit them online at

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