Christian Healthcare Ministries: $1000 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

Tesha has made a donation of $1000, on behalf of her wonderful clients Jeffery and Bryanna Goodman, to Christian Healthcare Ministries. Jeffery and Bryanna selected this nonprofit because they have seen first hand how wonderful this ministry is, and loved being able to give back with this blessing. Thank you, Goodmans, for trusting Tesha and the team with your home sale and providing us with the opportunity to share our blessings with this ministry again!

About Christian Healthcare Ministries:

Christian Healthcare Ministries is a nonprofit that helps ease the burdens of medical expenses. Their thousands of members donate to help cover others' medical bills and catastrophic medical expenses!

"We’re not health insurance; rather, we're the first and longest-serving health cost sharing ministry, having shared nearly $5 billion in our members’ medical bills."

To learn more about Christian Healthcare Ministries and their mission, please visit

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