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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

From time to time our buyers and sellers look to us to help them decide on a nonprofit to receive the commission-based donation. We keep a list of the nonprofits that we have met with, or were recommended by other clients, and will randomly distribute the blessings to these nonprofits when our clients don't have a particular cause in mind.

We recently donated $297 to Furry Friends, a no-kill cat rescue and adoption organization in SW Washington! This donation was made on behalf of one of Jefferson and Kate's sellers.

"Our Mission is to rescue abused, abandoned or otherwise homeless cats and house them in a safe, healthy and socialized environment until we find new “forever homes” for them." Learn more at furryfriendswa.org

Casa Sana, a Peruvian youth empowerment program based in Vancouver, will be receiving $745 on behalf of one of Tesha's buyers.

"Casa Sana empowers teens through community service, our after school programs, English Classes, coaching, counseling and mentoring. We are creating Change Agents who are in turn creating more Change Agents."

Learn more at casasana.org

$178 is also being donated to St. Joseph Catholic School on behalf of one of Jefferson and Kate's recent buyers!

St. Joseph Catholic School" partners with our families and parish to develop the spiritual, academic, and social growth of each student in order to support and encourage all of our students on their path to becoming moral, educated, caring adults"

Learn more at stjoevanschool.org

Watch Tesha draw these nonprofits for the commission-based donations from our recent closings:

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