Caring Pregnancy Center Longview: $1228.50 donated!

Updated: Jan 6

Caring Pregnancy Center Longview received a donation of $1228.50 on behalf Shay's amazing clients after the sale of their home!

By participating in the Give More 24! campaign, Shay and our clients Rick and Lisa Pingle were able to help Caring Pregnancy Center Longview with a check for $1228.50!

Pregnancy Caring Center provides diapers, cribs, resources, and care for new mothers. By providing such things mothers get necessary help to become great caregivers to the children they bring into the world.

About Caring Pregnancy Center

"We strive to provide an atmosphere of hope for you.You have the right to make an informed decision regarding your future & that of your unborn baby"

"(Caring Pregnancy Center) is a faith-based, non-profit organization supported by people within our community who want YOU, as a fellow member of this community, to succeed, and therefore generously support us through donations.

"We respect & welcome anyone from any or no faith background, but as Christians it is our desire to be the “hands & feet” of our God, Jesus Christ, by reflecting His love as we serve you at CPC.

"We strive to provide an atmosphere of hope for you. You have the right to make an informed decision regarding your future & that of your unborn baby. CPC doesn’t perform or refer for abortions, nor do we arrange adoptions, neither do we have any financial interest in your decision. We are a SAFE, nonjudgmental place for you to access information on ALL of your options, take time to breathe, gather your thoughts and learn about available resources."

"Some of our clients are still in high school. Some are homeless. Some are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Some are active in treatment for addiction. Sometimes the father is involved.  Sometimes the mother is going it alone or in an abusive relationship. Some have no family support. This could be a first time pregnancy. This could be another unintended pregnancy in an already financially or otherwise stressful situation. This could be a very exciting time for a married or single woman who simply does not have the resources to provide for the needs of her baby, and we are able to provide the emotional, material and spiritual support she needs during this time in her life. These are some of the very real challenges facing women in our community who come through the doors of Caring Pregnancy Center."

Learn more about Caring Pregnancy Center Longview, and their fantastic community outreach, at:

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