Pink Lemonade Project: $252 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

In honor of Tesha's seller, we are donating $252 to Pink Lemonade Project! Thank you, Susan Dunn, for choosing Giving Group Realty to help you sell your home, and for providing us the opportunity to share our blessings with this great cause.

Susan Dunn fought and won the battle with breast cancer a few years ago, and this organization was vital to her fight. She wanted to bless them in return with this donation!

About Pink Lemonade Project.

Based in Vancouver, Pink Lemonade Project wants anyone affected by breast cancer in the Portland-Vancouver metro area to know they are not alone. Patients, as well as their caregivers and family, have been able to turn to Pink Lemonade Project for support and mentorship for the last 10 years! They offer a variety of events and programs designed alongside their healthcare partners with breast cancer patients in mind, to provide vitality and strength during an otherwise difficult time.

"Research shows that patients with a breast cancer diagnosis who have strong friendships and community connections have a lower risk of a recurrence, lower risk of a breast cancer-specific mortality, and a lower risk of total mortality. In fact, our programs were developed with close cooperation of our healthcare partners and are designed to support you during your treatment and recovery. We want to offer a community and help you live a vibrant a life."

To learn more about the great work Pink Lemonade Project is doing in the lives of patients and their supporters in the Vancouver-Portland area, please visit

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