Alzheimer’s Association WA Chapter: $300 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

In honor of Sheryl Schwartz, who bought and sold recently with Jefferson and Kate, we are donating $300 to the Alzheimer’s Association Washington State Chapter!

"I have very close friends that suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia," said Sheryl. "My dad had the beginnings of dementia and I have an uncle that is in a care facility that has Alzheimer’s. Tough road for families and the person who suffers from the disease. It’s expensive for the care and a huge stress in the families."

About the Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association Washington State Chapter helps locals dealing with Alzheimer's and Dementia across Washington and Northern Idaho. With their network of offices, volunteers, educational programs, and support they offer a range of options for caregivers and patients alike! The Alzheimer's Association provides resources for identifying Alzheimer's early, consultations for individualized guidance and care plans, conferences, educational sessions, as well as community forums and support groups. All these programs help both patients and their support teams better understand Alzheimer's and Dementia and empowers caregivers and support teams so they can provide the best care possible. The Association is also a national leader in advocacy and research, moving us closer to the day that Alzheimer's becomes a survivable condition!

To learn more about the Alzheimer's Association Washington State Chapter, please visit them online at

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