SafeChoice of YWCA: $421.30 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

In honor of Vicki's recent buyer, we are donating $421.30 to SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program of YWCA. It is our honor to bless the program and help them make a difference for those in this situation.

About the SafeChoice Program:

"The SafeChoice Program empowers survivors by providing information, resources, and support to increase safety and foster healing. We collaborate with community partners to offer resources that are survivor-centered, providing participants tools to change their lives and heal. SafeChoice services are free and confidential. We strive to offer inclusive and accessible programs for survivors of diverse cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and lifestyles."

Since the 1970's SafeChoice has been a local leader in the domestic violence prevention scene. Their dedicated advocates work alongside victims to come up with personalized plans, offer assistance with protection orders, and so much more. SafeChoice operate the only domestic violence shelter in Clark County and take steps to provide inclusive, accessible resources and support groups for survivors to honor everyone's backgrounds, cultures, stories, and way of life.

Please click here to learn more about SafeChoice, and how you can help.

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