Second Chance Companions: $500 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

In honor of Vicki and Gino Croes' home sale, we are donating $500 to Second Chance Companions! Thank you, Croes family, for the opportunity to share our blessings with this great nonprofit and congratulations on your next adventure!

About Second Chance Companions.

Since 1993, Second Chance Companions has been helping pets and pet-parents in Clark County and the Portland metro area. They offer a range of programs including adoption, rehoming assistance, meals, and a low-cost spay and neuter clinic.

Second Chance is not an animal shelter, but does keep a list of pets in private homes waiting for forever families and assists in finding the best home possible for these pets. They can also help you rehome your pet in a safe, caring process that ensures the new family is the best fit for your animal.

AniMeals is another great program provided by Second Chance Companions: SCC distributes pet food to seniors, disabled and needy individuals in Clark County, Washington. They come alongside the Meals on Wheels program to provide pet food to their recipients, individuals in assisted living and senior facilities, and donate to area food banks so pet food can be distributed to needy families. This work allows pet-parents to keep their animals fed, and prevents pets from finding themselves in uncertain situations like homelessness or neglect.

To learn more about Second Chance Companions, and how you can help or become a volunteer, please visit them online at

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