Office Moms & Dads: $511 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

On behalf of Tesha's compassionate buyers Karly and Josh Bradbury, we are donating $511 to Office Moms & Dads!

We are so grateful to the Bradbury family for trusting Tesha with their sale, and for providing us with the opportunity to share our blessings again with this donation!

About Office Moms & Dads.

Office Moms & Dads was founded in 2013 to respond to the community's need for assistance in making children feel secure and comforted while they are being taken into protective custody. The welfare office visit is a stressful time for both the children and their social workers, and Office Moms & Dads is trying to make that day easier for everyone involved. By providing childcare, they allow the social workers to focus on making sure the child is going to be safe and well cared for in foster care. They also help make sure the child has an easier day, by entertaining, helping with basic needs, or just being there for them.

"The average child can wait in a child welfare office anywhere from three to five hours after being taken into protective custody. Meanwhile, social workers frantically search for a suitable foster home or relative to care for them. The wait after a removal can be one of the most frightening and uncertain times in a child’s life. Our volunteers help alleviate stress on social workers, care for the immediate needs of the child, and serve the foster care community in a tangible way. The time commitment for volunteers is flexible, but the impact is monumental."

Office Moms & Dads work across Washington and Idaho, with well qualified volunteers visiting welfare offices as needed to help make the transition into foster care as smooth as possible for all involved. Please visit them online at to learn more about this great cause and what you can do.

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