Cowlitz Chaplaincy: $663.75 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

Partnering with Shay Howsmon, Residential Broker and REALTOR®, we've donated $663.75 to Cowlitz Chaplaincy. Thank you Shay and the Skeie family for this opportunity to come alongside this cause!

"What a journey! Love celebrating with these amazing people!" says real estate broker Shay Howsmon. "We were able to give $663.75 to the Cowlitz Chaplaincy. The Cowlitz Chaplaincy provide support to our First Responders in their time of need. I understand that the Chaplaincy is still in need of a vehicle as they've recently had to retire theirs. If we can use this to bring attention to that need, the Cowlitz Chaplaincy is such a great cause to support. I am proud to be part of this! "

About Cowlitz Chaplaincy

Cowlitz Chaplaincy is a Longview, WA based chaplain service dedicated to supporting and meeting the needs of Cowlitz County and the surrounding communities in times of crisis or hardship. You can learn more about their incredible service at:

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