Family & Community Resource Centers, EPSF: $682.88 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

On behalf of our amazing clients Thomas & Andrea Senft, we are donating $682.88 to Family & Community Resource Centers with the Evergreen Public Schools Foundation.

Andrea sees the need for this amazing program every day at her job, so she was thrilled to be able to make a difference to the students and families in need in the Public Schools system. She participates in a challenge at work every year between her fellow team members to gather donations on behalf of the Family and Community Resource Centers, so she chose to take her donation and put it towards this organization to help her team make a greater blessing for the children in Evergreen School District!

About the Family & Community Resource Centers with the Evergreen Public Schools Foundation.

The Evergreen Public Schools system is addressing the needs of students who are in unstable homes or who have become homeless. By providing meals, transportation, and other resources they can help students succeed in school and thrive in life!

"We help families with basic needs and provide direct referrals to community resources while offering opportunities for student and family enrichment. Supports may include school supplies, clothing, shoes, toiletries and hygiene items, fresh and nonperishable food, parenting resources, employment connections, continuing education, housing and utilities resources, early childhood education, help navigating the system to access available community resources and more."

The Family & Community Resource Centers also works to ensure students can remain in their school despite their housing situation, so the child can maintain an equal opportunity for scholastic success as other students while also keeping their friends and familiar campus. We're so grateful for the opportunity to share some love with this program!

Learn more about the Family & Community Resource Centers at Evergreen Public Schools, and how you can help, by clicking here!

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