OurGanda: $800 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

OurGanda is a nondenominational organization serving both the medical and spiritual needs of people residing in the Bundibugyo District of Uganda. Tesha’s seller Christie Gillas selected this great nonprofit because her son runs it and her granddaughter operates the children’s ministry side of the program. We are so grateful to the whole family for this opportunity to share our blessings!

About OurGanda.

OurGanda was founded in 2018 to address the needs of villagers in the Bundibugyo District of western Uganda. They have been a shining light for people across this district in so many ways including health camps, mobile medical clinics, adult and child wellness clubs, and providing for basic needs. Their team includes a paid medical care team as well as a board of volunteer directors with experience in the medical, spiritual, and business fields.

"The Ourganda care team serves the people in distressed villages by providing health education, medical services, the building blocks for good health (water, shoes, soap, hygiene kits, birthing kits, mosquito nets, etc.), and spiritual encouragement. We focus our efforts on six villages with a combined population of 8,000. Without the service of our care team, the people in these villages have no access to clean water, medical education and treatment, and no supplies for hygiene or birthing." -ourganda.org/fact-sheet

Please take a moment to visit ourganda.org and learn more about this amazing organization, and what you can do to further their mission!

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