Riverside Christian School: $826.65 Donated

Updated: Jan 6

On behalf of our loving homebuyers, Charles Lui and Isabela Montgomery, we are donating $826.65 to Riverside Christian School!

Tesha and Robin with the Montgomerys and Luis.

Riverview Christian School is a non-profit school in Washougal, WA. They offer Extreme Love Through Limitless Acceptance, teaching and growing our young citizens through project-based and service-oriented learning, arts and music, physical education, and community outreach. "I would encourage you to check out this awesome opportunity for your children in the Washougal area," said Tesha, "they offer innovative learning methods, and are involved in the community in a great way!"

About Riverside Christian School

"Riverside Christian School is passionately committed to the academic and spiritual nourishment of your student. For this reason, we are continuously striving to improve our vision, with Christ as our center. Our mission is… to serve our families in a Christ centered community, expanding the thrill of discovery through academic excellence, while building leaders for life. We understand that educating a child requires teamwork. We are greatly blessed with a dedicated and experienced staff committed to partnering with your family to provide academic excellence while developing Christ-like character in our students. School communities are living, breathing, growing entities, so it is essential to see for yourself the excitement that characterizes each day of learning! Come visit us! Experience the thrill of discovery in our beautiful wildlife setting in Washougal, WA."-Principal Wright (riversidesch.com/ourfamily)

Get to know more about Riverside Christian School and their efforts to create a better community at https://riversidesch.com.

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