Watershed Alliance of SW WA: $868.50 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

We're excited to donate $868.50 to the Watershed Alliance of SW Washington on behalf of Jefferson's buyers Aaron & Katie!

Aaron and Katie wanted us to donate to The Watershed Alliance of Southwest Washington because they believe strongly in the good work this organization is doing. We would like to extend a thank you to the Lamberts for their trust in Jefferson and the Giving Group team, and for providing us with the opportunity to share some light with the program!

About the Watershed Alliance of SW Washington.

"Vancouver Watersheds Alliance was incorporated in April 2008 as a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) status. In 2010, the organization became completely independent of the City and now works on a contract basis to perform specific tasks including community outreach, environmental restoration, promoting volunteerism and care for our water resources. The Watershed Alliance also works independently with other community organizations to accomplish its mission. In 2017, we changed our name to the Watershed Alliance of SW Washington to better reflect our expanding efforts and new partnerships." (thewatershedalliance.org/about)

The Watershed Alliance of SW Washington is a grant-funded organization with a staff of four hardworking individuals. They frequently work with volunteers for their invasive plant removal and tree planting projects, and have a lot of great programs that could benefit homeowners as well. If you own land along a creek please visit their Project Restore page to learn more about what you can do to support our watersheds and local environment. This outreach can include a low-cost walk and talk at your home to learn what to plant and what to remove to create a backyard habitat that supports the bee population and overall environmental health! They promote the education of our community about clean water, and works to protect and improve the quality of our watersheds and water resources including creeks and rivers. Some ways they do this is by managing invasive species, planting trees, and operating other vital stewardship projects.

"Watershed Alliance works to educate and engage community members to be active stewards of SW Washington natural legacy, with a focus on creeks, lakes, and other water bodies. We educate children and adults, while giving them hands on opportunities to participate in the restoration and protection of waterways." (thewatershedalliance.org/about)
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