Shared Hope International: $890 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

On behalf of Jennifer and Jason Hall, we are making a donation of $890 to Shared Hope International. Thank you, Hall family, for trusting Tesha with your real estate needs and providing us with the opportunity to help this amazing cause!

About Shared Hope International.

Since the 1990s, Shared Hope International has been working to end sex trafficking and provide resources to the community and those who have suffered through trafficking.

"U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith traveled into the heart of the brothel district in Mumbai, India where she witnessed the brutal exploitation and sexual slavery of women and children. She established Shared Hope International to rescue and restore women and children enslaved in sex trafficking."

To this day, Shared Hope International actively works to address the global issue of sex trafficking through their three-part approach: educating the public and first responders to recognize trafficking in our communities; providing restorative programs for victims of trafficking including safe housing and access to medical/emotional care; and working to bring justice for sex trafficking victims through legal avenues and resources.

To learn more about Shared Hope International, and what you can do to support their efforts, please visit them online at

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