Starting Grounds Church: $890 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

On behalf of Tesha's recent sellers, Todd and Nancy, we are making a donation of $890.00 to Starting Grounds Church. Before this move, Nancy was the church secretary and saw first hand all of the blessings that her church does to support the local community. Thank you, Brockman family, for trusting us with your real estate sale and providing us with the opportunity to bless Starting Grounds in your honor.

About Starting Grounds Church.

Starting Grounds Church is located in Battle Ground, WA. They focus on loving God, and loving others, and show this through practical ways like community volunteerism, outreach, and support. They partner with Maple Grove Schools to support students and teachers, and are often involved with community events, cleanups, food banks, and homeless shelters. They also operate a non-profit coffee shop on Sundays and donate portions of the funds to missions and nonprofits!

"Mission: We seek to live purposeful lives toward the aim of engaging the community in which we are placed with the life-giving message of Jesus. Maturity: We seek to help people to grown into a deep, life-changing relationship with God that colors every aspect of their lives. Magnification: We seek to live in such a way as to be an example of God’s glory and majesty to those among whom we are place in order that by seeing us they see a picture of Him. Ministry: We seek to help others to identify and implement the unique calling of God on their lives. Mercy: We seek to demonstrate the grace, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness of Jesus to those among whom we live. Multiplication: We seek to expand the work of God throughout our world through the equipping of God’s people, the establishment of new ministries, and the planting of new churches."

To learn more about Starting Grounds Church and the many ministry programs they offer, please visit

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