Council for the Homeless: $920 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

On behalf of Jefferson's compassionate buyers James and Deborah Alexander, we are donating $920 to the Council for the Homeless!

"As a military family who has moved around for over 25 years, the one consistent thing we could provide our children was a place to always call home. That meant creating a home in whichever environment we ended up in, whether it was base housing, an apartment, townhouse, or single family dwelling. The safety and comfort of a home is like no other. As fortunate as we have been, we are fully aware that some people struggle daily to provide the basic necessity of security for themselves and their families. Everyone deserves a place to call home no matter what their circumstances are. As retirees we take pride in the community we will now call home permanently and that includes helping those less fortunate than we have been," said Deborah. We are so grateful to the Alexander family for trusting Jefferson with their transaction, and for providing us with the opportunity to share our blessings with the community through this donation.

About Council for the Homeless.

Since 1989 the Council for the Homeless has been assisting in solving the homeless crisis experienced by Clark County through strategic responses and developing solutions for closing the homelessness gap including hotlines to assist with finding shelters to use, and the development of housing options for those who experience trouble renting in the public market.

To learn more about the Council for the Homeless and how you can help, please visit them online at:

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