Out to Pasture Sanctuary: $972 Donated!

Updated: Jan 6

We recently donated $972.00 to Out to Pasture Sanctuary on behalf of Andrew's compassionate clients Joshua and Brianna Bachmeier!

We chose Out To Pasture Sanctuary because our family values align with their mission! Kit and John Collins (and their wonderful team members) work tirelessly to rescue abused, neglected, and abandoned animals and find them a forever home. They believe that all animals deserve to live free of exploitation and suffering and we couldn’t agree more!-Briana, Josh, and Landon Bachmeier

Thank you Bachmeier family for trusting Andrew and the Giving Group Realty team with this chapter of your home story!

About Out To Pasture Sanctuary

"At Out to Pasture we believe in choosing compassion over cruelty. Animals value their lives as we value our own and deserve to live free of exploitation and suffering. We promote the sanctity of life for of all animals and advocate for an end to all forms of animals abuse through public education including leafleting, tabling, and articles in the Portland area. We promote a vegan lifestyle for reasons of ethics, compassion, health, and the environment."- www.outtopasturesanctuary.org

Out To Pasture offers a safe and loving life for a wide range of animals, from pigeons and rabbits to llamas and goats! All of their rescues have been given sanctuary from their lives of abuse, abandon, or other forms of mistreatment. We're so grateful for the opportunity to come alongside the mission of Out To Pasture and make a difference for these animals. To learn more about their program and how you can help, visit www.outtopasturesanctuary.org/donate-how-to-help.

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