Our First Donation! Open House Ministries: $1138.13

Updated: Jan 6

We are pleased to make our first donation on behalf of our amazing client!

We're so thrilled to have such compassionate clients!

We recently donated our first check of the Give-Back program: Open House Ministries received $1138.13 on behalf of our client!

We're honored to have the opportunity to help this cause. Open House Ministries is a local Vancouver, WA Homeless Shelter for families. It is doing such wonderful work to help support local homeless families with children by providing a safe place to start over and be free from addictions. They are Christ-based and offer counseling, life strategy training, and independent living quarters for families to help preserve the family unit while they are rebuilding their lives.

About Open House Ministries

"More than a shelter, we walk alongside homeless families as they work hard at rebuilding their lives. Watch this video to learn more about our program and the families who have undergone the difficult work of transforming their lives, reclaiming their independence and finding home again"

"We're a family shelter in Vancouver, Washington, housing 100-plus residents a night, more than half of which are homeless children. More than a shelter, we walk alongside homeless families as they work hard at rebuilding their lives... Since incorporation in 1986, Open House Ministries has provided shelter, safety and hope to families in need. Our program focus is to equip families with life skills and practical tools to help them regain healthy, independent lives. We accomplish this through personalized case management, strong community networks, volunteer support and the generous donations of our caring community.

"At the heart of our program is the recognition that overcoming issues of homelessness requires time and transitional support.  Since the homeless shelter program is entirely privately funded, we are able to offer services and support beyond the 60 days associated with tax-supported programs.  This unique approach allows the flexibility and innovation needed in our programs to help families truly overcome homelessness, instead of providing only a temporary solution.

"We are more than a shelter.  Our focus and resources are committed to equipping homeless families with the tools necessary for resolving the underlying issues that lead to poverty and homelessness.  Our various programs are designed to help families regain sustainable housing and, even more importantly, restore healthy relationships with each other,  their community and Christ.

"There are many ways to be involved in helping families in need in our community.  You can join us in our mission by supporting our programs with financial gifts, adopting a room, taking part in one of our upcoming events, or by providing the gift of your time as a volunteer. Please Contact us to learn more about how you can involve your gifts, resources and passions in the mission to support homeless families in the Vancouver community."

Learn more about Open House Ministries and their incredible mission at: https://www.sheltered.org/

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