The Fallen Outdoors: $518 donated

On behalf of Linda Kiemele, Andrew's recent buyer, we donated $518 to The Fallen Outdoors. Thank you, Linda, for selecting this nonprofit and entrusting your new home purchase with Andrew and the team!

About The Fallen Outdoors.

The Fallen Outdoors is a great nonprofit that connects veterans to a community of like-minded people! Veterans are provided with a chance to learn or develop a passion for a variety of outdoor hobbies, such as fishing or hunting, in an adaptive and understanding setting. The Fallen Outdoors is run by a volunteer staff of veterans of various service branches, and offers opportunities across the nation!

No matter what age or what branch of the service you were in, you have a spot with The Fallen Outdoors. We have active members and guides in most states and facilitate many different types of outdoor activities. We can also assist with many types of physical disabilities. We are here for you. -

To learn more about The Fallen Outdoors and how you can help further their mission, get involved, or become a volunteer, please visit them online at!

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